Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Review: Pond's Dry Skin Cream

Hey everyone!  
I'm here with a review of Pond's Dry Skin Cream , which I've been using for about 2 months, since purchasing it in this haul.  I wanted to make sure I liked it before reviewing and recommending it to all of you, and I'm glad to say that I love it!  

I have extremely dry skin all over, but my face is worse than anywhere else.  I went straight for the  Pond's Dry Skin Cream because my mom always used their Cold Cream and loved it.  You can get this product at drugstores, but Amazon has packs of 3 (and singles) for a lot cheaper than at Target or something! :)

The Product: The actual product is white and creamy--like a basic white lotion--but is unscented.  It blends into your skin and is clear when you rub it in.
How I Use It/The Result: If I'm not putting my makeup on until that night or later in the afternoon I will put it on after my morning shower, but if I'm putting it on in the morning I douse my skin in this product before I go to bed.  My skin has been a lot more moisturized since I began using this product!  
Warning: ONLY use this product at night if you're going to put makeup on right when you get up!  I put it on one morning right after I got out of the shower and waited 2 hours to put on my makeup, and it still slid off a little!

Like I said, I have super dry skin so this is thick enough to make it better, so if you have oily or even just slightly dry skin, I would recommend to start off slow with small amounts--just to make sure your skin doesn't turn into an oily mess!

I'm always looking for new products to try and review, so if you want me to try anything out let me know! Also, tell me what you use as a moisturizer, I'd love more suggestions! :)

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  1. i struggle with dry skin so bad so that might be a good product to give a try to :) thanks!

  2. For years this was my go-to winter night cream - it's so thick and moisturizing, but you're absolutely right - if your skin isn't that dry a little dab will do you! Recently I've been battling some EXTREME facial dryness, and nothing seemed to be fixing the problem. So I went back to this old faithful, have been slathering it on before bed, and now my skin is once again more soft than scale-y. For parts that are REALLY dry I dab on some Aquaphor as well. Together these products are (gently) fixing my face!

  3. I have incredibly sensitive skin that is very easily irritated by all different types of ingredients and products. While I am NOT a fan of PONDS, I did find a better brand called "Made from Earth" and they have a Vitamin C Moisturizer. I found this one to be agreeable for my complexion. The consistency of the cream is very rich and smooth, and I like the way it felt when I applied it. It is a very soothing, cooling sensation when you rub it in, particularly at the end of a long day. I like that the scent is very light, as well. It does not have a fragrance, and my face still felt clean after I applied it.

  4. The fact that Ponds is not as expensive yet do its job. Compared with other brands makes this a great buy. ~ New York dermatologist

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