Monday, April 23, 2012

How To Hair: 9 Strand French Braid

Hey everyone!

Again, I'm so so so sorry that all of my posts have been lacking lately, it's going to be a crazy last 2 weeks of school with dead week then finals!  I've been getting a lot of requests to do more tutorials, both hair and makeup, so here's one for you all today!!  It's a super easy hair tutorial, the 9 Strand french braid! Here's the finished look:

Here's How to do it:

1. Brush out any tangles you my have in your hair

2. Split hair into 3 sections and tie each off.  French braid each individual section and use a clear elastic to secure them.  Then, braid the three french braids together, secure it with a hair tie, and you're done! See, wasn't that easy? :)
I like to pull my braids apart a little, just to make it a little more messy and casual.  

Here's a close up of the braid:

Hope you enjoyed! 
If you try this hair style make sure to send me a picture so I can see it! :)
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xo Sarah


  1. This braid look great, I might try when my hair gets longer. I would love to see side bang braid tutorial.

    XO Jojo

    1. I don't have sidebangs, but I'll work on trying to fake it for a blog post on how to do that!! :)

      xo Sarah

  2. this is very pretty! Love this look!

  3. It looks so pretty! I've always loved braids and since I watched the Hungergames I wear them so much :D hihihi


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