Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween DIY: $10 Tutu

Hey everyone!

I know in my last post I said I'd be posting more frequently, which I will, but it's kind of hard to get back into the swing of things!  Today's post is for all you last minute planners that are still looking for a Halloween costume, but don't want to break the bank making it!  I bought all of this last night, and the whole thing took about an hour and a half to make, which wasn't too bad.  For Halloween, my roommates and I decided we were going to be girls from "Toddlers and Tiaras," so I had to go buy materials to make a tutu.  There are tons of different costumes you can use a tutu for though, whether you want to be a ballerina, fairy, or anything else!  

Now, another big thing for me was that I didn't want to spend too much money on this costume.  I went to Hobby Lobby last night and got everything for under $10 to make the tutu.  Here's what you'll need:

1. An Elastic Band
I bought one that is 1 yard long and cut it to fit my waist.  They are $1-2 at Hobby Lobby, and come in all different sizes.
2. Tulle
I bought three different colored spools (pictured below) from Hobby Lobby.  They are 25 yards long (which is way more than you'll need), and are originally $3.99 each, but right now they're on sale for 50% off!
3. Scissors
4. Velcro, Safety Pin, Button, etc.
Anything to hold your tutu together at the back!

Here's how you do it!

First, start off your spools of tulle.  I used white, yellow and blue, but you can use as few or as many colors as you want.  Cut strips of each color.  Now I didn't use exact measurements for this, but I cut them about 2 feet long.  Depending on how tall you are, you can adjust this accordingly.  You're going to be folding each strip in half, so keep this in mind when cutting them.

Just to keep things more organized, I put each color strip into a pile.  The cutting takes the longest, so if you can pre cut some of your strips (I did about 10 of each color at a time), it saves a lot of time.

Now, you're going to take the strip you want to start with and fold it in half.

You can either tie it in a knot around your elastic band or loop it, I found it's easier to loop it around.  So, you're going to put the loop under the backside of the elastic, pull the long sides through the loop, and pull it tight.

Continue on with whatever color pattern you're using, and eventually you'll have this:

Now, either stitch on your velcro or button, or safety pin it in the back and you're done!  You're ready for Halloween!  

Remember--you can use ANY colors you want!  All I need now is a sash, crown and maybe a ni-ni to pull off the perfect Toddlers and Tiaras look for Halloween!

What are you being for Halloween?
Comment and let me know!

xo Sarah


  1. Wow!! That's a really smart idea on how to create a tu-tu. I love the no sew aspect!!

    :) (LC member)

  2. That's really lovely! What a pretty project. Great for anyone who loves dance, not just for Halloween.

  3. love this! I made one of these DYI tutus for a dance recital one year! so easy!!

  4. thats so pretty and so simple! love it! xx

  5. I want to have my girl scout troop make their own tutus at a meeting. When you said that 3 rolls of 25 yard long tulle was way more then you needed would you think you could do 2 or 3 tutus with the amount of tulle you purchased? Thank you

  6. wow! and to think I was going to spend $15 on a NB sized tutu from someone online. this is so much easier than I thought!!!

  7. This is a great tutorial. Thank you! Both of my daughters want one for Halloween. We are doing a modern witch and a scarecrow.


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