Thursday, December 29, 2011

Haul: Forever 21, Target, Ulta, Bath and Body Works, Aerie, Apple

Hey everybody!

I ran around a bunch today and yesterday and picked up a bunch of little goodies :)

First, from Forever21 I just got some basics (which will reappear in another blog post later on).

I got 3 v-necks, each for $4.80, in a tan, white and brown.  I also got 2 pair of skinny jeans, one in black and the other in a gray-blue color, both for $10.50

Next, from Aerie I just got three cami's in white, navy blue and black. (more basics haha)

These were $10 each

From the Apple store I got an iPad 2, which I blogged about a little yesterday. But I'm LOVING it so far!! I got the white iPad 2 with a red smart cover:

From Bath and Body Works I just got four mini candles with glass holders, each for only $2.00 (YES, for the candle and holder combined!).  I also got two mini hand lotions because my hands are so dry! 

The candles are in Winter, Winter Night and one Aroma Therapy candle.  Both the lotions are shea butter.

I went to Target mainly to get my things to wash my face, but I ended up picking up some e.l.f. cosmetics, because I saw that they were only $1 each and had never tried them before. (REVIEW TIME!) I also got a lash exact mascara because it was on sale and I LOVE this mascara!

And last but not least, ULTA! :)

Finally, I went to Ulta and picked up some random little nail polishes, a nail polish remover and my two favorite mascaras: LOreal Voluminous False Lashes and Maybelline's Falsies. ( I layer them)

That's all I got! I hope you all enjoyed! If you want any reviews comment and let me know!

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  1. Great buys! I love the simple v-necks and tank tops!!


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