Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bath and Body Works Candle Haul

Hey everyone!

I promise, as school winds down for the semester I will get better at blogging regularly!  I've been home for Thanksgiving, and am so ready for Christmas to be here!  As I'm sure you all know (if you're from the US at least) that the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday starts.  If you don't know, Black Friday is a day when stores have lots of sales--it kicks off the holiday shopping season for many.  Now, I'll be the first to admit that I've never actually been Black Friday shopping (it scares me a little!), but I did go shopping the Saturday and Sunday after to see what deals were left.  I wasn't able to find much clothing wise, but I did score at one store in particular--Bath and Body Works.  They were having a 2 for $20 sale on their 3-wick candles, which are my favorite candles in the world!, so of course I had to stock up on some.  Here's what I bought!:

I purchased two of their Winter Candle, which is one of my favorites for the season!  I also bought two Twisted Peppermint candles.  I also bought Marshmallow FiresideCashmere,Merry Mistletoe,Fresh Balsamand Spiced Apple Toddycandles.  Then, I just got a cute snowflake candle holder and gold gift bags, because some of these candles are gifts for other people.  Finally, because they were 4 for $15, my mom, sister and I bought Twisted Peppermint soap to take home with us.  

That's all I purchased!  Now, of course, not all of these are for me.  The sale ends at midnight tonight, so you still have time to place orders online or run to your local B&BW store before they close!

What are your favorite candle scents from Bath and Body Works?
Did you get anything on Black Friday, from there or anywhere else?
Let me know in the comments below! <3 i="i">
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Friday, November 16, 2012

College Essentials: Cold Weather

Hey everyone!

I got an email the other day from someone requesting a post on what to wear when the weather gets cold in college.  She told me she is a freshman, and at her school (much like mine!), most girls wear shorts and a t-shirt to class when it's warm outside.  But, now that it's getting colder, it's important to stay warm while still looking cute for class.  College fashion, at least where I go to school, is about all being casual during the day.  I've put together some items that are most commonly worn on my campus by girls in the winter.  Keep in mind that you should ALWAYS wear whatever makes you the most comfortable--this is just how I stay comfortable and cute while going to class!

I'll start off with the most important part of any college girl's wardrobe--leggings.  Where I go to school, they're a denim replacement during the day.  Leggings are SO much more comfortable for when you have to sit through a long day of classes, and if you wear a big t-shirt (which I always do), it's completely appropriate.  
Now, people all over my campus wear NorthFace or Patagonia jackets and vests.  I have plenty of jackets, but I'm DYING for a vest.  (It's on my Christmas list this year ;) )  Either the jackets and vests or a big chunky sweater can keep you cozy all winter.  Just throw on a big knit scarf and you'll be in heaven--trust me!
Finally, riding boots.  These are my savior for days when I don't want to wear tennis shoes.  You can get them expensive or inexpensive, and they have them most places that carry shoes this time of year.  

I hope you all enjoyed this, and I hope it helped some of you!
What's your favorite thing to wear when it gets cold?
Comment and let me know!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gifts That Give Back: Operation Christmas Child

Hey everyone!

So, this blog post is about something that is very close to my heart--giving back.  The holiday season is coming up (or, if you're me, in full swing!), and it's the perfect time to start giving back to those less fortunate.  I don't know how many of you have been with me since the beginning, but the first posts I ever did on this blog were Gifts That Give Back posts (which you can find here).  I love the feeling I get when I know I'm helping somebody else.  

This post is all about Operation Christmas Child, which is put on my the company Samaritan's Purse. This company does something amazing--they deliver Christmas presents to less fortunate children both in the United States and internationally.  All you have to do is shop for the gifts--which you can do very inexpensively, I went to the Dollar General and Target and only spent $35 on Christmas gifts for 5 kids.  Although I'm a "broke college student," this is the kind of thing I'm happy to spend money on.  You pack the boxes and take them to your closest drop off location (which you can find here), and they take care of the rest!  I wanted to get this post up, because the last day to drop the boxes off is November 19, 2012 this year! I know it's a little last minute, but it honestly took me 30 minutes to shop, pack and label the boxes!  
So, I'm going to give you all a little look at what I've packed in my boxes this year!

You can use either shoe boxes or small plastic bins to pack your boxes--I didn't have any shoe boxes so I bought these small bins from the Dollar General for $1 each!

Now, the fun part--PICKING OUT THE TOYS!
There are some restrictions on what you can and cannot put into a box--no weapons, chocolate, etc.  You can find a full list of ideas of what to and not to pack here.  
Here's what I bought for the kids--I bought some things for boys and girls, as well as some for younger kids and some for older!

For Boys:

For Girls:

I also threw in a coloring book for everybody!  Now, all you have to do is pack your boxes.  Wrapping isn't required, but I picked up some holiday themed tissue paper to put the gifts in inside the box, just to be a little more festive!

Now, download and print your shipping labels, cut them out, tape them to your box and mark the age/gender!

Now, they do ask that for each box, you make a $7 donation for shipping costs.  You can either do this by putting the money in an envelope and placing it in the top of the box, or you can make a donation online.  You can read more about this on their website (linked above!).

Now, you're done! And you've just given a child a wonderful Christmas!

I hope you all check out Operation Christmas Child!  Let me know in a comment if you have ever made a box for them, or if you plan to!

What's your favorite way to give back during the holidays?
Comment and let me know!

xo Sarah

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