Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wishlist: Candles by Victoria

Hey everyone!

It's kind of late at night but I can't sleep and I've been doing some online shopping, so I wanted to share my Candles by Victoria wish list with you all! :) You can purchase Candles by Victoria Products here, and They candles are VERY reasonably priced, with a flat shipping rate of $8.50 in the United States.  I've never personally tried any Candles by Victoria candles, but I've heard only amazing things about them!  Their candles are supposed to have a very long burning time and smell incredible! I hope you enjoy my late night Candles by Victoria wishlist! <3

(so I can try out multiple scents and find my favorite!)

16 oz. Country Jar Candles in Mermaid Kiss and Exotic Coconut

Now, there are TONS of other products I would love to be able to buy to review for all of you, but these would be what I would start with.  I hope you all enjoyed! Maybe I'll be able to start a Candles by Victoria collection soon :)

Make sure to comment on what your favorite Candles by Victoria scents are, or let me know what your wishlist is! :)

Sweet Dreams <3


  1. Hi!

    I Love love LOVE candles. If you can, try and fined 'mulled wine scented candles' it smells like the fireball sweets I used to eat as a child :).


  2. Really amazing post, I like candles so much, I love their fragrances and also the atmosphere that they create!

    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???
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