Monday, January 9, 2012

Funky Finds: Shoes

Would You Wear It?

Make sure you comment and let me know, would YOU would ever wear any of these? :)
(no judgement either way ;)! )

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  1. I would wear the 6th and 8th shoe :) - They look a bit more normal (hehe) ;) xx

  2. I like the two pairs of fur heeled boots! The green is such a nice vibrant colour!

    Em :-)

  3. The second one reminds me of my culture (hmong) because of how the way the pattern is of the beads.
    ^ example

    In my culture - there is this cloth wrap that you wrap about your leg too, to match the dress and such and the shoe reminds me of this except for it is beads instead.

  4. Girl. These are normal from what I've seen. I really like the wedges, too. Both of them :3

  5. Haha theyre a little too funky for my taste, well most of them. Wish i was bold enough to wear them! Haha thanks for your comments everybody!! :)

  6. My girlfriend tells me should would wear the ice skates!

  7. <3 Your blog is real cute & interesting. I've been following it for a while now. Could you also check out my blog & follow me if you like? :3

  8. I'd wear all of them but the two fake fur ones - not that they aren't wearable, they just aren't even remotely near enough to my style for me to like them. The key to the wilder shoes is an incredibly simple outfit. And as for the ice heels? Well...I'd try them for bragging rights by virtue of being able to skate backwards in them. ;) It would be awesome.


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