Wednesday, January 4, 2012

DIY: Treasure Boxes

Hey everyone!

Today I've got a DIY on cute, small treasure boxes; so you can keep all your little treasures safe :)

Here's What You'll Need:

Everything I got (except the scissors) is from Michael's. 
Wooden Treasure Box: $1 each
Mini Ribbon Rolls: $.99 each
Pack of little Gem Stones: $2.99
Pack of fake Pearls: $3.49

Start off with a plain wooden box:

To make the Gold/Pearl Treasure Box:

I started by gluing different sparkly gold ribbon and gold and bronze sequin ribbon around the top.  Then, I filled in the top with lots of different size and color fake pearls.  I put them all randomly on there, because I like the way it looks.  Then, I took some loose bronze and gold sequins and glued them on top of some of the pearls randomly.  Finally, I glued little pearls all over the bottom part of the "treasure chest'.  

To make the Glam Box:

I started by taking all kinds of sparkly ribbon-- silver, pink, purple and black-- and glued them along the top.  Then I put little gem stones around the top part of the box.  Then, I put pink and black sparkly ribbon around the top and bottom of the bottom part of the box, and put a sheer white ribbon with silver sparkles on it in the middle.  Lastly, I put small piles of gems all around, randomly placed, then, voila! You're done and you have a beautiful place to store your most beautiful treasures :)

Hope you enjoyed!
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  1. They are so cute! Love them :)

    Have a great day :)


  2. So adorable. I love small boxes. I inherited many from my Moms room when she died. She like to keep small items in hers that were special to her. I do the same and have been collecting them for awhile if I see one that is unique. I love this idea because making one is so much more meaningful. Will do on of these pearl DIY projects this weekend. Thanks.

  3. Awe thank you all :)
    Valerie Elle- I would but I don't think that many people would buy them haha! Thanks though, if you want one email me :)

  4. I would buy them, I am sure many others would to.
    We will help by repinning them on our pinterest boards!


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