Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I Took A Stained Glass Class!

Hey everybody!

So I'm super super excited about this post, because it's about something that is SO much fun! I went and took a stained glass class!! My mom's a painter, and the studio she paints at offers classes so my sister and I went and made them!  This is my "masterpiece":

My mom has done this many times, so we have tons of these lying around the house, she's made angels and doves, and hers look like this:

The class where I took it was $59 each, which sounds expensive, but for everything you get to do, it was worth it!  

Here's the steps:
First, you learn how to cut glass.  Then, you pick out what colors/design you want to do (my sister and I both did angels).  Next, you draw your design on the glass and cut it.  This was the hardest part for me.  Then you go to the grinder to grind down your sharp edges and even up the sides of the wings and the body, etc.  You also grind around the head to make it more square on the edges.  The next step is called "foiling".  You take this copper colored foil stuff and wrap it around the edges of each piece of glass.  You have to make sure you push it as tightly onto the glass as possible, because this is what the solder sticks to.  Then, you take a big paint brush and paint this gooey stuff around the edges.  Now comes the most fun part: Soldering! You let it all heat up then just take the solder and melt it all around the edges of your glass, putting the most where the pieces connect to each other (like the wings, body and head).  Then, you just windex off the glass and you're done!  
All together, this took about 2 hours, which sounds like a long time but actually it's so much fun that you don't even realize it! I want to go back to do another design soon!

I know this was a random post but it's so much fun I had to share :) Hope you enjoyed! :)

pretty please with candy and sugar and hugs on top? hehe



  1. They are so cute and it sounds like so much fun :) If only I wasn't so clumsy haha

    Have a great day


  2. Thanks so much! And trust me, I'm clumsy too haha it's a lot easier than it sounds!

  3. I love the angels. you are really good at making them! Maybe you should think about selling them <3 Its always fun to create new things!!


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