Monday, January 2, 2012

New at Bath and Body Works: "Escape to the Tropics" Spring Fragrances

Hey everyone!  I'm super super excited about this post, because I love Bath and Body Works!  They have a new fragrance collection coming out, called "Escape to the Tropics," which launches January 16th!  This collection consists of three scents: Rio Rumberry, Aruba Coconut and Bali Mango.  

The official collection isn't out yet, but right now if you go to the website here, you can get 2oz lotions of the new scents for only $1.00.  Make sure you go check it out!  And if you shop in stores right now, you also get a 20% off your entire purchase between January 16 and February 26!

Hope you enjoyed! Leave a comment telling me what your favorite B&BW scents are!

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  1. They sound so good, they might be my first Bath and Body Works purchases :)

  2. The packaging is so pretty I definitely have to go check them out!! Great post and thanks for the comment and follow. I'm following back :)

  3. Gosh- I love Bath and Body Works- every time we leave we smell like a little bit of everything because it's so hard not to try them all out! I'm definitely stopping by to check these out!

  4. Great Blog! I will have to go to Bath and Body Works soon! Love the packaging!

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  5. I got these and love them!!! They always have the best smelling stuff! I also got a few others that smell AMAZING too. <3 Good Choices!


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