Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Smiles: Piercings, Pink Doors and Big Blue Bows

Hey everyone!  Happy Sunday to you all :)  I hope everybody had an amazing weekend and is ready for the week to start!  It's my spring break, and I'm spending it relaxing at home with my family and catching up on some things :)  The weather here has been SO nice, I'm so excited for spring to start! :) Anyway, here's all the things that have been making me smile today!

This piercing is so cute! Definitely next on my list! :)

I will have a pink door one day!

This outfit is amazing.  I'm obsessed with the skirt!

This comforter from Urban Outfitters is so adorable! Definitely wanting something similar for my apartment next year ;)

And finally, a picture about it being Monday tomorrow and how to get through it; just pretend its not Monday! :)  (I don't understand the 'keep calm' thing, so if someone could explain it to me please do!)

What are you loving today?
What helps you to smile and get through your Mondays?
Comment and let me know!

xo Sarah


  1. the keep calm is from 'keep calm and carry on' the famous line from the world war. Google it :)

    1. haha i know that part i just don't really understand why it's everywhere now :)

  2. that skirt is just tooo cute... love the piercing aswell =) xo

    pebbz |

  3. Oh that piercing is so beautiful, I imagine it might be sore as it's going through cartilage but it's so pretty! And a pink door is fab, my door is bright red! I kinda love it!


  4. I agree, the outfit is too cute - totally envious of the skirt!

  5. i love them ear piercings they look so nice :) can't get it done my ears to small :S
    love that skirt too <3

  6. The blue skirt and patterned comforter are both lovely!


  7. The outfit and the comforter are awesome! I love comforters like this- they give your entire room a different look.

  8. totally making myself a skirt like that, i recommend you all to learn some sewing, because you are able to create your own clothes exaclty how you would like, and fitting you as a glove!

  9. I love those piercings, but the place in the ear look painful. I think that if you remove the piercing you will have the holes forever in that place,isnt it? If someone knows,let me know!
    Kisses to all!

  10. I love the look of those piercings, do you know what they are called? They look so painful though! I don't think i'd have the balls to get them! i don't really understand how they work either but they do look lovely! xxx


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