Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Smiles: Fierce Braids, Spring Flowers, Hello Kitty House

Hey everyone!

Happy Sunday to you all!  I'm so sorry that my blogs have been slacking lately, I've been super busy with school and getting ready for tests next week.  It's so close to summer for me, only 5 weeks! It can't come soon enough!! :)  Anyway, my Sunday will be filled with nothing exciting--it's a day of cleaning and homework for me today.  But, ABC Family has some amazing movies on today so hopefully it will keep me occupied for a while ;)  To brighten your mood (hopefully), here are some things that are making me smile today:

I saw this green dress and immediately fell in love--it's so adorable!

I need your opinion--what do you think about this Hello Kitty house? Too much or too amazing? ;)

 I'm in LOVE with this wedding picture--Katniss Everdeen bride anyone?

Spring has finally sprung--and these flowers are the perfect decoration to celebrate!

Here's a laugh to start your week off right:

And finally, an 'inspirational' quote to keep you smiling for a happy Monday :)

I hope you all enjoyed!
What's making you smile today?
Comment and let me know! <3

xo Sarah

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  1. These are so cute :D Although I do think the Hello Kitty house is too much :/

    Have a beautiful day and good luck with your tests


    1. haha i agree that it's too much--just thought it was cute! ;)

  2. LOVE the green dress. Did you figure out where its from?

    Love your blog, please follow back:

    1. NO i'm so mad I couldn't figure it out haha! I want it so badly!
      Checking out your blog now! <3

  3. I love the bride picture,so original! And I love the Braid...!

  4. I love your photos! The Hello Kitty house is awesome haha! I am now following :) If you get a chance check out my blog!!

  5. The Hello Kitty house is a bit too much even though I wouldn't mind having maybe 1 room in a house for me like that. lol- but not the whole house. The green dress is superb! The wedding pic- extremely awesome!

  6. That green dress is so pretty and that Hello Kitty house. OMGosh!! It may be because I'm a Hello Kitty phenom, but that is awesome!

    Vonae Deyshawn

  7. i love the hello kitty house!


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