Tuesday, December 27, 2011

DIY: Glam Anything Holders

Hey everyone!

I'm just here to show you a quick way to store things, anything from pens and scissors to lollipops.  Now, my favorite candy in the world is lollipops, and my boyfriend feels the need to give them to me regularly.  Overtime, I've compiled a "collection" this big:

And until now, I've had nowhere cute to store them in my room, they all just sit in that box.  But now, thanks to after Christmas sales at Michael's Craft Store, I've made these to keep some of them in to display (so I can hide the ugly box!):

It's super easy, this is all I used:

Everything is from Michaels:
Big Container: $14.99
Two Small Containers: $1.99 each
Thick White Tuel Ribbon: $.89 (on sale!)
Sparkly Silver, Pink and Purple Ribbon: $.99 each
Super Glue: Pack of 4- $3.99

The first thing I did was take the big ribbon and coiled it up inside, just to give it a little more sparkle.  Then, I super glued a small sparkly silver ribbon on to the bottom of the big container:

Then I added a sparkly pink layer above the silver, and a purple layer around the top:

Just add the lollipops (or whatever you want to put in it) and the big one is done!

Now, onto the smaller containers.  I did them similarly, to match the big one.  All I did was super glue a pink and purple ribbon to the middle of each one:

Okay, now obviously you don't have to use these for lollipops like I am, you can use them for anything from desk supplies to candles:

They're extremely inexpensive and easy, but they turn out beautifully! I hope this helped you guys!

Much Love <3


  1. So cute!
    Can't wait to try it :)

  2. Wow great d.i.y.! Awesome idea :D


  3. Really cute idea and I love the ribbon choice! I'm always in need of cute pen and candy holders!

  4. These are so cute! I love glittering stuff. :)

  5. Thanks so much! I love glitter too!


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