Monday, December 26, 2011

Fashion Alert: Houndstooth Takeover and How To Wear It

Hey everyone!

So I'm SUPER excited to do this post on one of my favorite fabric patterns ever, houndstooth! While my obsession with houndstooth started because of my love for Alabama football, lately I've been noticing the trend in the celebrity world.

While the Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga are a bit overstated with their houndstooth apparel, I'm going to show you some of my favorite small houndstooth accessories that can spice up a simple black look (or that are PERFECT for a gameday in Tuscaloosa!).

First, is a simple baseball hat.  Yes, mine has an Alabama "A" on it, but there are fashion hats like this one that are not related to the Tide whatsoever.  A hat can simply add a little glamour to your look.
Next is a scarf.  I'm obsessed with this scarf because it can add so much to your look.  When I go out in the winter, I will wear this with dark jeans, black heels and a black peacoat and it's the perfect pop of white.  Now for the houndstooth TOMS. These are perfect to wear with a white long sleeve top, black scarf and black skinny jeans; or if you're like me you'll wear them with black skinny jeans and your Trent Richardson jersey ;) .  By the way, my TOMS are silver and black instead of white and black, which makes them less out there.  Finally, I just added a little card and envelope that are houndstooth to show that small accessories can make a big difference in what it looks like.  

So, even if you're not a die-hard part of the Crimson Tide like me, the black and white pattern of houndstooth is perfect to make a plain black and white outfit a little more exciting.

Much love <3


  1. I really like this pattern as well! I just bought a jacket with it! <3 Officially following your blog. Keep up the good work <3

  2. wowo
    nice blog
    and great post
    am following u now
    huda from


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