Monday, December 26, 2011

DIY: Necklace Organization

Hey everybody!
I'm here with a super quick and easy do-it-yourself idea to make your necklaces more organized.  Now, I don't use this for my super nice jewelry, but for everyday, Forever21-type necklaces it works perfectly!

What You'll Need:
Necklaces (DUH :)!)
A Cork board (OPTIONAL)

As you can probably tell, I didn't use a cork board, but if you would rather hang one up before tacking all of your necklaces to the wall go for it! You could even paint or decorate it all pretty before you hang it on your wall :) I'm home from college on a break right now so not ALL of my necklaces are there, but I think you all will get the picture.  For longer necklaces, I just put one tack and hang the longer necklace from it, but for shorter necklaces I put two in a column, and the two shorter necklace spaces take up the space of one longer space. 

See? It's as easy as that! Now, like I said, I keep my jewelry that is much nicer in a small Jewelry box, but for everyday, inexpensive necklaces, this is perfect!  I hope you all enjoyed this!

Much Love!


  1. Really cute! I need to make something to organize my necklaces!

  2. Thanks! It's super easy, but make sure to use a cork board (unlike me :/ ) so it doesn't make a ton of holes in your wall, if you do end up trying this! :)

  3. Cute idea! If you're willing to, you can also stick pushpins into your wall and hang them from mini necklace hangers ON the pushpin. They won't damage your wall - I have a whole corner of them!(:
    You have a gorgeous blog!<3 Please check out mine?


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