Thursday, May 24, 2012

Outfit Inspiration: Memorial Day Casual

Hey everyone!

As most of you all probably know, this weekend is Memorial Day Weekend!  Which for most people means cooking out, swimming and hanging out with friends and family--and if you're from the South, a big bonfire!  If you're me, you're working, but at least I'm a lifeguard so I'll be having fun!  Regardless of your plans, Memorial Day is a day to be comfortable and enjoy yourself!  Here's some ideas of what I would wear for a Memorial Day cookout/bonfire!

Of course, maxi-dresses are totally in style right now, and those would be an awesome option for the weekend as well.  I usually end up running around like a little kid though, so it's safer for me to have shorts on ;)
I hope you all enjoyed!
Have an amazing Memorial Day weekend!

What are your plans?
Comment and let me know!

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xo Sarah


  1. Thanks for the inspiration! i have been looking everywhere for inspiration on what to wear to a barabque this memorial day!!! please check out my blog! xoxo payton

  2. Love the looks.. cool blog! check out our blog page

  3. I love that sheer yellow shirt! I'm not usually drawn to sheer tops because I have a hard time finding things to wear underneath, but that one is really cute! (:


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