Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Beach Bag Essentials

Hey everyone!

So, as I told you all in a recent post, I went to the beach with my mom and my sister last week.  It was my first beach trip of the year, so I had to re-remember all the essentials to carry in my beach bag with me!  This was really requested in comments, and with it being the beginning of summer (for most people), I thought it would be the perfect time to do it!  So, here are my beach essentials:

1. Beach Bag
Preferably a cute one ;) You can get them really cheap at stores like Target and Old Navy if you don't want to spend a ton on a bag that's just going to get all sandy!
2. Sunscreen
This is SO important for everybody.  I have fair skin, so I have to constantly reapply sunscreen all over my body all day, but I think it's important for everybody to apply at least once before they go out into the sun.  Depending on your skin type, the amount of SPF you should use at the beach changes.  I use 30 on my face and switch off between 15 and 30 on my body.
*not only will sunscreen keep you from getting burns, it will help prevent sun spots and icky leathery skin
3. Hat
Even if I don't use it, I always bring a hat down to the beach with me.  It's important to protect all of your skin from overexposure to the sun, but your face in particular can be more subject to burns.  I usually just wear a baseball hat (which are my tomboy obsession), but you could also go for one of the trendy big floppy hats :)
4. Cover-Up/Towel
I bring a t-shirt or cover up just in case I get a little too red but don't want to go in for the day yet.  A towel can serve the same purpose, but can also be used for simply drying off and getting sand off your feet!
5. Sunglasses
Personally, I hate wearing sunglasses usually, but at the beach it's especially important to protect your eyes.  I'm a lifeguard over the summer and I always wear sunglasses--they keep your eyes safe from harmful rays and prevent crows feet wrinkles!
6. Sandals
The sand at the beach can get super hot, and you don't want it to hurt/burn your feet!
7. Book/Magazine
Really, anything to keep you entertained for the day!  Sometimes I'll bring my phone or iPod to the beach, but if you do this I would recommend bringing a plastic baggy to put them in when you're not using them--just to protect them from water and sand.
8. WATER!!!
This is another one that is incredibly important.  It's easy to get dehydrated at the beach, so you should try to keep at least one water bottle with you to sip on while you're sitting out sweating!

That's it! I'm probably going to do be doing more beach-themed posts as the summer gets closer and into full swing!
What do you keep in your beach bag?
Comment and let me know! :)

xo Sarah

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  1. These ideas are great! Sunscreen is a must for me since I'm prone to get sunburn. What I would bring in my beach bag is a volley ball if the beach has a net so I can play with my friends. Also it's a great way to socialize with cute guys that want to play too. Thanks for your tips!

    XO Jojo

  2. Great Ideas! I always take some cookies when I go the beach :) I just love eating!

  3. You most definitely need snacks at the beach!! Also, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a brush so my hair won't get tangled!! Don't forget your friends (although they wont fit in a beach bag lol).

    XO Michelle

  4. Great ideas! I'm not a big fan of plain water, so I like the fruit infused ones or the Crystal Light packets - it really helps! (:

  5. I can't wait for the beach this summer!


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