Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bath and Body Works Haul + Mothers Day Smiles

Hey everyone!

I'm so excited for this post for SO many reasons! First, because I haven't done two posts in one day in a LONG time.  And second, because I'm obsessed with what this haul literally obsessed!  It's a Bath and Body Works haul! 
 Before I continue though, I want to wish you all a happy Mother's Day once again!  It's a rainy and gross Mother's Day where I live, but nonetheless I spent the morning baking my favorite apple-oat-rasin muffins and watching a movie with my momma :)The reason I didn't put this up earlier was because it includes my mom's present--but now that she's opened it, I can put it up!  Also, I want to apologize for the quality of the pictures being so poor--my camera decided it was time to go to camera heaven :( So, until I get a new one (which will hopefully be tomorrow), I have to use my iPad or phone to take pictures! I hope it's not too annoying!

I'm sure many of you have heard of Bath and Body Works, and probably are as obsessed with their candles as I am.  But, this weekend they had a sale going on for 2 of their 3 wick candles (the big ones) for $20.  They're usually $19.50 each, so it's basically 2 for the price of 1, which is amazing!  They also had their little mini candles for 2/$5, so of course I picked some of those up to include in a giveaway I have planned for if I get to 300 followers! :)

These are the candles I picked up for myself (and for my giveaway!)  
First, I got four of the mini sized candles in Peach Bellini, Bahama Fizz, Caribbean Escape and Aloha Vanilla.  I'm in LOVE with the Aloha Vanilla scent, but they didn't have any bigger ones left :(.  Some of these minis are going to be included in my upcoming giveaway!
I also picked up four of the big three-wick candles in Peach Bellini (I've already gone through one of's one of my favorites!), Pink Sangria, Lemon Mint Leaf (my new favorite--it smells like a lemonade stand!) and a Stress Relief candle in Vanilla Verbena which smells amazing!

Then, for my mom's mothers day present, I got her their VIP Mother's Day gift set, which was only $20 with any $40 purchase. 
I didn't get a picture of it before my mom opened it, but this is from the website!  It's a super cute straw tote bag, a loofah, and tons of their products!  It comes with a Wildberry Dahlia foaming hand soap, a Wild Berry Tulips fragrance spray, hand lotion, shower gel and lip gloss.  It also included a mini Lilac Blossom candle.  I was scared she wouldn't like the scent, but she loved it! :)  It was the perfect Mother's Day present, especially for my mom who never treats herself to these types of things!  I also threw in a few other things, but the tote from B&BW was the main gift!

These deals on candles as well as the VIP tote are still available at Bath and Body Works as well as on their website!! :)

I hope you all enjoyed this little haul and are having an amazing day with your mom, whether you're in a country that is celebrating today or not :)
Make sure to comment and let me know what you've done today for Mother's Day!

xo Sarah

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  1. Cute blog! Found you through the bloghop, would love if you could check out my blog and follow if you like that you see! xx.

  2. I really love the Pink Sangria candle, it smells like pink lemonade! I'm sad I just finished mine. :(

  3. hi i randomly came across your blog and love it! these candles are amazing, I've blown some serious money on them haha. i really want to try the peach bellini and pink sangria

  4. Me and my mom love candles, which is why I got her some for mother's day. Click the link to check it out, it's so cute. I also love what you got for your mom on mother's day, it's a perfect gift to say you deserve yourself a treat. Can't wait to hear more detail of the giveaway :)

    XO Jojo

  5. Urgh. I wish we have a Bath & Body Works here!


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