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New Product Alert + Review! PlumeLoops and PlumePearls

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So, this post is extremely exciting for me!  I'm going to be doing a product review + a launch announcement for the new line from PlumeIt Feather Fashion Accessories.  If you all remember my Feather Hair Extension Review post from last month, you'll know how much I was raving about my new feather accessories.  Well, PlumeIt reached out to me and was kind enough to send me some samples of their new line of feather hair extension earrings.  They already have a line of multiple colored feather hair extensions to pick from, as well as some straight, dangling earrings.  This company has two types of earrings coming out--the PlumeLoops and PlumePearls.  I was sent one set of each, both in the color "natural."  Here are some pictures of the products:

PlumeLoops in the color natural

PlumePearls in the color natural

As you can see, the PlumeLoops are the bigger of the two, and the PlumePearls are much smaller.  In the packaging, I liked the PlumeLoops better, and I thought the smaller ones looked like fishing lures. When I actually put them on, both pair were very cute! I love how funky the PlumeLoops are--they're perfect for a super chic, boho look, which is perfect for summer!  I also really like how the PlumePearls are understated, so if you don't want it to be obvious that you have feather earrings on, this is the way to go.  I didn't include a picture of the packaging in this because the company assured me that the earrings were not in their final packaging.  So, now let's get into the review.

Quality:  The company says that Plume feathers are all-natural, and are the highest-grade feathers on the market.  Now, let's be honest.  I have no way of knowing if all of that is true, but I believe it is because these feathers are so soft!  They are especially great because they don't poke the side of your face while you're wearing the earrings.  I seriously can't get over how soft and high-quality they are.

Selection: There are five different color choices for both styles.  They are natural (which I show above), tropical passion, neon, think pink and white.  I'm in love with the natural ones, but I would also LOVE to have some in white!! I think they're SO pretty!

Price: PlumeLoops: $26.00 
PlumePearls: $16.00
I know this may seem a little expensive compared to the types of feather earrings you can get at Target or Forever21 for less money, but the quality of these earrings (in my opinion) is much better than those!  Just from opening mine and playing around with them, I can tell that the feathers themselves aren't going to fall apart easily.  
Honestly, I don't know if they're waterproof, but I wouldn't take that chance on ruining them.

Now here's my FAVORITE thing about the company.  They've partnered with World Relief, which is an organization that helps refugees from all over the world come to the United States and settle here.  Plume currently has refugees from 4 countries employed.  With every Plume feather accessory you purchase, Plume donates a portion of the proceeds to World Relief!!

Availability: You can buy these products starting tomorrow, Thursday May 24, 2012 here!  They're also having Free Shipping on orders of $35 or more! :)

Customer Service:  The customer service at Plume is amazing.  I have been emailing back and forth with multiple employees for a few weeks, and each one is so sweet and understanding.  They are willing to work with you and answer any questions you may have!

Overall, I really enjoyed these products.  The PlumeLoops are more my style than the PlumePearls, but both are cute and I plan to wear them.  I would LOVE to have more of these--especially the PlumeLoops (especially the white pair ;) ), so I may be ordering myself some tomorrow! :)

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  1. i LOVE feather earrings. i have a couple that i've been wearing a lot lately and i always feel so fun in them

  2. I like feather earrings but I don't like these ones though - sorry :/ x

    1. no apology necessary :) different tastes are a good thing! :)

  3. These are really cute, never seen anything like it before!

    I'm following your blog & would appreciate if you could check mine out & return the favour if you like it! xx

  4. Sigh. Feather earrings make me wish I could pierce my ears. But after the last time I tried it, never again. So I'll just admire from afar...



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