Wednesday, February 29, 2012

MAC Chenman Love and Water Collection

Hey everyone!

Here's a quick blog post to let you know about the new MAC Chenman Love and Water Collection.  The collection has very nice pinks and some bright blues, super exciting! :) It includes:

2 Nail Lacquers:

Pinkly Fresh

Breezy Blue

3 Mineralize Eye Shadow Duos:

2 Lipsticks:

2 Lipglasses:

1 Beauty Powder:

1 Pigment:

1 Reflects Glitter:

1 Gloss:

This collection will be available March 1, 2012!! 
So close! Make sure to check it out! You can shop this collection here!

What are you looking forward to trying the most?
Leave it in a comment!

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xo Sarah


  1. The Budding Love Lipglass looks stunning!

  2. woah those duo eyeshadows looks so amazing!

  3. The blue nail polish looks absolutely gorgeous!


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