Monday, February 6, 2012

VDAY 5: Daily Valentine-Heart Breaker

Hey everyone!

I found these super cute (and easy!) Valentines online today, check them out:

You fill paper hearts with candy and close them up, then write (or type before closing them) a cute saying about being a "heart breaker" or "tearing up my heart" on them.  It's so clever, because you would literally have to tear up the heart to get the candy out!  The picture and idea are from here, and you can find a more detailed tutorial here as well! Enjoy!

What's the cutest Valentine you've ever received?

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  1. LOL at first, I was like "That's not very cute. How could I send that to someone I love?" until I got the jist of it... Tearing up the heart to get the candy. Haha, very cute. (:

  2. they look incredibly adorable <3 .. ur blog is very lively ! I love reading your new posts all the time ! I've followed you here and on twitter

  3. that is such a cute idea!!

  4. This is adorable!
    and tasty!
    I might have to have a go!


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