Thursday, February 2, 2012

VDAY 1: Valentines Day Outfit- Glamorous Pink and Silver Date Night

Hey everyone!  Here's an outfit inspiration for a Valentine's Day date to start off my Valentines Day Series.  A little dressy, but still adorable.  What are you planning to wear on Valentines Day?

Where its all from:


  1. Sooo cute!
    Absolutely love the pink NARS lipstick!

  2. what a cute feminine ensemble :) i looove those earrings!


  3. Platnum silver shoes? Yes please! xD Great post, and great choices. I enjoy your sense of style.

  4. LOVE THIS STYLE LOVE LOVE the dress and the bracelet goes so good with it. Love the high heels you picked out for it and love love the eye makeup is there somewhere where i can find how to do that eye makeup love it so pretty.
    The only thing is this outfit is really pricey lol very cute but very expensive!!! Love the other outfit too


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