Friday, February 3, 2012

VDAY 2: Outfit Inspiration- Casual Creme and Pink

Hey everyone!

Here's another outfit inspiration post as a part of my Valentines Day Series.  I think it's super casual, good for the day time if you have school or to work and don't have time to change before a semi-casual night out! :) Let me know if you like it!

 Where it's all from:

What's your favorite Valentines Day look?
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  1. I like this outfit - casual yet cute :) x

  2. I really like this outfit!

    I love cute and casual looks for V Day! :-)


  3. i like suttle rose pink tops with white skinny jeans and nice cream flats or heels and if you really want to play it cute add a cream or pink bow headband to your outfit {pretty easy to make but you can also buy them} btw loveee the look ^_^
    -(>^-^)> hugglez


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