Friday, December 21, 2012

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide for Him 2012

Hey everyone!

I'm so sorry for not getting this up sooner--I typed it out and completely forgot to post it!  So, I've changed it up a bit to make it last minute holiday shopping friendly!  I did a Holiday Gift Guide for Her last week, so here's my version for men!  I know boyfriends, dads and brothers can be hard to shop for, so hopefully this will help you all out!

For the Electronic Lover

 1. Video Games
These are perfect for boyfriends, brothers or nephews.  As much as I hate them, almost every guy plays video games these days, and if you know what kind of games they like they're a great gift!  If you're clueless on what game to get him, ask his friends or even the guy at the video game store!

2. AppleTV
This is something that I've just discovered this year, and there are non-Apple versions of this product, but it's perfect for my dad!  He loves renting shows, movies and documentaries on his iPad, and now he can connect them on his TV to watch on a bigger screen.  You can get these from the Apple store, Best Buy or off of Amazon.

3. iPad Accessories
Another gift inspired by my dad is a keyboard for an iPad, or any accessories associated with electronics they use frequently.  He's always complaining about trying to type on his iPad screen, so this makes it easier for him.  The best one I've ever seen or heard about is the Kensington Keyboard.

For the Goof

1. Fake Mustaches
I actually recently got these from a white elephant gift swap, but how fun are they?! Any goofball would love them

For the Sports Fanatic

1. Pillow Pet
You can get these either online or from sports stores in most malls, and they're a great small gift for a little brother or nephew, especially if they are a sports fanatic!

2. Tickets
Who wouldn't love to get tickets to watch their favorite teams play?  If you check out websites like Stubhub, you can usually get pretty good prices too (depending on the event, of course).

For Every Man

1. Cologne
If you know what your man likes to smell like--or what YOU like him to smell like-- go out and buy him his (or your) favorite cologne.  If you don't know what you like, you could try to get your hands on a Sephora Fragrance for Men Sampler, which allows him to try all different samples of colognes, then buy a full size of their favorite.

Like I said, I've edited this slightly to make sure it's all things that are easily accessible at the last minute, since I completely forgot to post this sooner!  Over the next few days I'm planning on putting up a post or two on how I bake my FAVORITE holiday cookies--because I LOVE to bake!  One of the recipes is even gluten free!  Let me know if you would like to see that!

What are you getting for the men in your life?
Comment and let me know!

xo Sarah

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